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Our Services
Our Services

We Help You Create Business & Solve Your Business Challenges By Delivering Solutions

Techbru Solution helps your company become digitally ready, while ensuring scalability & reliability in each of your product that we define, design and build especially for you.

Website Development

Your reputation is important to us, we can build your desired website that will become your business image that creates trust.

Web Application Development

With years of experience, we can development any web application system that you have in mind, whether its for your corporate business or for your startup, you are in safe hands.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Apps is accessible to anyone, let us build & bring your idea to everyone's fingertip.

Digital Consulting

We can help you scope your project or idea, this will help you get a better understanding of your requirement. We also can provide advisory services on software engineering and development in IT related industry.

E-commerce Solutions

Reach international customers, bring your business into the digital world where the boundaries are limitless. We can help you build your online shop.

Graphics & Design

As they say, a picture says a thousand words. We can help you communicate with your customers in terms of graphics & design. From logo's to website & mobile app designs.

Email Hosting & Management

Email has become part of our daily activity. Reliability is crucial and we ensure your emails are received & delivered efficiently and successfully.

Server Hosting & Management

Server's uptime are critical, we ensure you are equip with the best, to run your daily operation and provide your services to your clients.

SSL Management

There nothing more important than security, by providing SSL, you get end-to-end encryption which protects you from eavesdroppers.

Domain Service & Management

Your domain name is as important as your brand, we can get your domain names and fully manage them for you.

Our Development Process

Every project we handle, we have our development process that ensure your project is handled with the greatest care and provide a seamless experience. Through our process, we bring your ideas to reality.

development process
  1. 1
    Meet & Chat

    We meet and have a brief chat about what you have in mind.

  2. 2

    We create a document that outlines your idea and this document will be the backbone of your project.

  3. 3

    Based on our specification document, we will create the designs. You will have options to choose from.

  4. 4

    This is where we start implementing & developing your idea to reality, this is where you will see your goal getting closer.

  5. 5
    Review & Testing

    During this phase, we will conduct review sessions with you, to ensure that we have complete as per the specification document. We will be conducting multiple tests to ensure what we have develop is seamless.

  6. 6
    Deploy & Launch

    At this stage, we are 100% completion. This is where we show the world your idea which has been brought to life.

  7. 7
    Maintenance & Support

    As your business grows and matures, we provide parallel support to ensure your project is stable. As you progress and require new features to be implemented, rest assured we got your covered.

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